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Forever, it seems.

Alot has changed.

Lets catch up really quick.

I spent a year and five months working at Vermillion Convalescent Center after I graduated from Indiana Business College.

I met Whitney Sherwood through a friend that I'm sure people on here know. (The friend being Brittany Sinclair, after she married. She went to North Vigo HS and to concerts.) Brittany is now an ex friend due to reasons I'll not delve into right now.

Whitney and I met at my appartment during one of the get togethers we had with our friends. We were attracted to each other, but I was lost in what my church believed so I denied it.

After months of battling myself and everything that was going on, I feel like I've gotten through all the crap. I came out to my mother and she exploded. Of course.

Whitney and I have been together since October 2007. Right now we are living in the spare room at her mothers house. We are waiting for everyone to move before we can move into our house. It shouldnt be long now.

There's way too much to go through at the moment. Almost two years of not updating.

I think I've finally found my happy medium.

I'm at the library right now. Things are getting busy, phoenix wants to play. I'm going to go for now.

If anyone reads this, thanks.
I'll probably be on here about once a week. Phoenix and I come to the library while Whitney is at work.

Lots of Love

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